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Author Topic: Epic last stands  (Read 1530 times)


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Epic last stands
« on: October 25, 2012, 10:29:03 pm »
At the beginning of my turn I was surround by a full engaged gorilla and Cervere. One zone away was a timber wolf, and the beast master. My Warlock had 15 health and my minions were all gone. Instead of running, I decide to stand my ground. I wanted to take at least his animals down with me. The turn started with me. I had in my hand a Ring of Fire and a Fog Bank. At my quick cast, I laid my fog bank down between the beast master and me so he would have to get in my zone to attack me. He then tried to attack with his gorilla and my helm of fear succeeded.  Cervere then went for the attack and I once again successfully feared him. Next his timber wolf moved in and he was feared as well. Lastly, I the beast master came in for the attack with his staff and scored 7 damage. With all of his army crowded around me, I let loose my Ring of Fire and successful finished off his wounded army. One by one I score more damage than needed to slay the beasts. Last, was the beastmaster, which would not be killed (he had too much health) but I dealt him a nasty blow and set him ablaze.

Next round, the beastmaster started and knocked me out with a punishing blow.

I lost the game but taking out over 30 mana points of wounded creatures was the most epic last stand I have yet.


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