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Author Topic: Randomness  (Read 6215 times)


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Re: Randomness
« Reply #15 on: October 27, 2012, 02:45:42 AM »
Hi guys,
what appeals to me about this game most is the combination of dice, cards and strategy which in my view appeals to a wide range of playstyles. The luck of the dice also adds humour to the game. In one game my beastmaster was on the verge of extinction and all alone vs a wizard and a horde of monsters.
Preparing to die I launched some final attack spells and did a total of 17 points of damage in 2 turns, losing by only 1 point. While on the surface it appeared that dice almost pulled an amazing comeback out of the fire, upon reflection it was also poor strategy on my opponent's behalf for needlessly moving his mage close to me at this point in the game to allow me to get those shots in anyway.
Ultimately good decisions will mostly win the day but loaded dice never hurt! If you want diceless strategy only then chess may be the game for you.
Cheers Ray